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The IRS has a plan. Do you?

Americans have invested trillions of dollars into retirement plans, turning them into one the most valuable asset they own, often worth more than their home. Retirement accounts like IRA's, 403(b) 's, 401(k) 's, 457 Plans, Thrift Savings Plan, Keogh, and Corporate Pension Plans are loaded with unpaid taxes. Think of the unpaid taxes on your retirement account, in the same manner you would think of a mortgage, as it applies to your home. If you had a home worth one million dollars, accompanied by a $600,000 mortgage, the actual net-value of that home is $400,000. If you have a retirement account, apply the same rule substituting taxes for the mortgage. Unfortunately, understanding the tax consequences of retirement plan distributions involves some of the most complicated rules within the U.S. Tax Code.

When it comes to retirement account distributions, if you make the wrong decision, it could result in needless taxation and penalties. Your children and grandchildren could be disinherited. The government could end up being your largest beneficiary. When it comes to your retirement savings, you rarely get a second chance to get it right. At Chaney and Associates Financial Planning, LLC, we specialize in helping our clients plan for their retirement by drawing down their assets as tax-efficiently as possible.  We help our clients understand the implications of State and Federal Income Tax and the numerous other taxes that can spring to life if a solid financial plan is not in place.

We provide our clients with unbiased financial advice to help them navigate life's major decisions, capture opportunities and avoid costly mistakes. Our Founder Tom Chaney, is a financial advisor and has been in this profession for over three decades. Over that time, he has developed and refined a process that helps our clients work towards thriving in retirement, rather than merely surviving. He created this process because he has witnessed retirees struggling financially when they should be enjoying their golden years. We call this process, "The WealthStream System." Our system puts all the pieces of the retirement puzzle together so our clients can look forward to retirement with anticipation rather than apprehension. Having a tried-and-true formula like our WealthStream System, provides a firm foundation so you know what to expect and can feel confident that we are being thorough about the investments within your portfolio and confident that you're only paying for what you need.

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