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WealthStream System

Why consider Chaney & Associates Financial Planning, LLC

So what makes Chaney & Associates Financial Planning, LLC unique?  We can sum it up in two words, "Our Process".  

Over the last thirty-plus years, we have developed and refined a process that helps individuals in or near retirement, thrive rather than merely survive.  We created this process because we have witnessed retirees struggling financially when they should be enjoying their golden years.  

We call this process the "WealthStream System".  Our system puts all the pieces of the retirement puzzle together so our clients can look forward to retirement with anticipation rather than apprehension, and with clarity rather than confusion.

While Financial Advisors within a firm come and go, at Chaney & Association Financial Planning, LLC, you can rest assured our "Process" will continue.  We know you will enjoy working with a knowledgeable professional who functions in a consultative role, rather than a salesman.  

We examined the numerous roles and services we provide to client over the course of our long-term relationship.  We found 85 things we typically address and and categorized them into our seven pillars.  

Wealth Management is part of our process, not our sole purpose.  When it comes to wealth management, most independent firms such as ours, have access to the same investments. For all intents and purposes, we are all fishing off the same peer.  Our investment management philosophy is one of being proactive, rather than reactive.  We rely on the advice and recommendations of the worlds largest money managers to create a custom portfolio tailored to our clients risk tolerance or comfort zone.  

Risk Management.  We are happy to work with your insurance agent or agents to make sure you and your family are prepared in the event of an unforeseen emergency or catastrophic event.  If you are not working with an insurance agent, our Financial Advisors can function in this capacity.  

Tax Management and Planning.  It is difficult to build substantial assets throughout ones lifetime and it is even more difficult to access these assets in a tax efficient manner at retirement, or sooner if needed.  Switching from the accumulation phase during your working years to the distribution phase at retirement is where our firm excels!  Our process will help you understand the options of possibly paying taxes now in order order to save taxes in future.  Unless Congress changes the current tax laws, tax brackets will increase in 2026.  Are you currently deferring taxes, knowing you will pay a higher rate in the future?

Estate Planning:  We will work with your attorney or refer you to knowledgeable attorneys that specialize in estate planning and or elder law.  We will make sure you have a comprehensive plan rather than just documents.  We will assist you in titling your accounts and designating your beneficiaries, so your investments work in unison with your estate plan.  It is part of our process to help you plan while you can, so others are not making decisions for you.  

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