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Federal Employees

At Chaney & Associates Financial Planning, LLC, we believe in educating our clients and our community.  With so many federal employees in West Texas and Southern New Mexico, we found it necessary to join the ProFeds Alliance.  ProFeds is a nationwide support structure for financial advisors serving federal employees and provides our firm tailored training on the unique complexities of federal employees’ benefits, and how those benefits work into an overall financial plan. 

This specialized training allows our firm to truly understand how federal benefits behave and the unintended consequences of certain decisions.  This unique skillset helps us provide credible, top-notch financial planning services to military and federal employees by integrating their benefit options into their overall financial strategy. 

In addition to the ongoing training and education provided to our firm through our association with ProFeds (CAGE Code 5YRG2), we also utilize their nationally recognized speakers to provide the FedImpact Retirement Workshops to federal employees.  This seven-hour workshop includes information on:


General Retirement Planning

Retirement Systems (CSRS & FERS)

Survivor Benefit Plan

FERS Special Retirement Supplement

Social Security

Federal Employee Group Life Insurance

Federal Employee Health Benefits

Federal Long-Term Care Insurance

Thrift Savings Plan

Taxes on Various Benefits


If you would like a Federal Employee Benefit Analysis prepared specifically for you, please complete and return the questionnaire shown on this page.  For information on our next FedImpact Retirement Workshop or to simply learn more about our firm and how we can help put all the pieces of the retirement puzzle together for federal employees, submit a request for information using the link below.

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