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Federal Employees

At Chaney & Associates Financial Planning, LLC, we believe in educating our clients and our community. Throughout our existence, we have provided numerous workshops to Federal Employees at the U.S. Border Patrol, Fort Bliss, and White Sands Missile Range. These educational workshops range from extensive one-day workshops on retirement planning to workshops addressing a variety of relevant topics to Federal Employees.

An individual's employment history with the Federal Government and choice of retirement plans and employee benefits can make a retirement analysis very complicated. Making an uninformed decision at retirement can leave your surviving spouse without health insurance, or even worse, an income. With so many federal employees in West Texas and Southern New Mexico, we made the decision to undergo extensive training in order to understand federal benefits and stay up-to-date on the frequent changes that occur.

This specialized training allows our firm to truly understand how federal benefits behave and the unintended consequences of certain decisions. This unique skill set helps us provide credible, top-notch financial planning services to federal employees by integrating their benefit options into their overall financial strategy. We incorporate the following topics into a Federal Employees retirement plan so they can look to the future with clarity, rather than confusion. Let us help you!

Retirement Systems (CSRS & FERS, Offset and Transfer)

Survivor Benefit Plan

FERS Special Retirement Supplement

Social Security, Social Security Supplement and WEP

Federal Employee Group Life Insurance

Federal Employee Health Benefits

Federal Long-Term Care Insurance

Thrift Savings Plan

Taxes on Various Benefits


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