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Account View Access

Chaney & Marin Financial Planning provides our clientele free access to Account View, an on-line personal website that can be accessed from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.  From the Account View home page, you have easy access to your portfolio, quotes, market performance, and news on all of your holdings. Other features within Account View provide you with gain and loss details, two years of transactions and statements, all of which are easily downloadable and exportable.

At Chaney & Associates Financial Planning, we help our clients make smart financial decisions. Financial success can bring about many rewards and responsibilities, including the responsibility of managing your wealth. Through the Consulting and Financial Planning Services offered by Chaney & Marin Financial Planning, we can help you better understand and manage your investments as well as other assets.

Wealth Vision is our premier Financial Planning resource that allows you to organize, view, and manage your finances. This individual financial website will consolidate the reporting of all your financial accounts into one secure location. Wealth Vision combined with our Consulting and Financial Planning Services can provide you with in-depth reporting and analysis on:

  • Your combined Asset Allocation among all your financial accounts, regardless of where the accounts are held.
  • Education Planning specifically tailored to help you work towards your funding goals, including 529 plans and Coverdell Education Savings Accounts (ESAs).
  • Through our Estate Planning services, you can be assured that your assets will transfer effectively, and according to your wishes, to the people and charities you care about most. Establishing trusts, regularly reviewing your legal documents and beneficiary designations, and examining tax implications for survivors are vital to establishing a plan that provides you and your loved ones with greater confidence and security.
  • Addressing your monthly budget is an important first step in successfully managing your overall finances. Failing to have a clear picture of your regular recurring bills and expenses can dramatically reduce your ability to address your financial objectives.
  • Risk can take many forms: illness, accident, liability, and natural disasters, to name a few. Failing to manage risk properly can jeopardize your financial future. That's why smart financial planning evaluates the various levels and types of insurance you carry. Make sure those lines of insurance are aligned with your overall goals and needs. Insurance can also be used effectively as an alternative revenue stream and hedge against inflation and riskier types of investments.
  • Social Security benefits, employer-sponsored retirement plans, and personal retirement savings, including investments, IRAs and annuities, typically combine to comprise the retirement income for most Americans. Deciding which retirement choices will serve you best can be daunting, but we can guide you to the options that will support and enhance your overall investment and tax strategies.

Getting Started

Contact an advisor today to begin gaining the benefits of financial planning for you and your loved ones. Schedule an appointment now! Once your plan has been created, you and your advisor will review it regularly to help you stay on track to pursue your goals. Reach out to your advisor today!